Cleaning services

Auto cleaning

We have a modern аutonomous car washing complex of the closed cycle which allows us to carry out various types of a car wash. All work is carried out quickly and efficiently. Our specialists carry out engine washing, full or partial car washing, dry and wet cleaning of the cabin, dry cleaning, polishing of the body surface and other cleaning services.

All cleaning procedures have many varieties and additional functions depending on the class of work (regular, business or premium), as well as the wishes of the client. The total price of procedures is also affected by the cost of shampoo, oil, polishing and other cosmetics, which also depends on the class of work performed.

Cleaning of office premises and the surrounding area

The Green Park hotel complex occupies an area of 8 hectares, includes 18 buildings, sports grounds, which required the creation of a cleaning service for cleaning hotel rooms, office and office space, the surrounding areas.

We offer professional cleaning of office premises and surrounding areas in the area of Minsk National Airport, and the Great Stone Industrial Park.

Depending on the season of the year, we use different approaches to cleaning, based on the needs of both the customer and the vagaries of nature. We serve companies and individuals. There is the possibility of ordering a one-time service, as well as a cyclical annual order.

Aero cleaning - cleaning and equipping of the aircrafts

One of the most important factors in assessing an airline for passengers is the level of service and cleanliness on board the aircraft. To maintain cleanliness and order in the cabin, as well as to provide passengers with comfort facilities, we carry out cleaning and equipping of aircraft.

We offer many different types of aircraft cleaning depending on technological requirements, on the aircraft parking time (aircraft), sanitary and hygiene requirements. Depending on the type of cleaning, the necessary number of personnel is allocated, certain operations are carried out on board the aircraft.

We guarantee an individual approach, high quality of the performed works, respect for the interests of the parties.