Innovation - an innovation introduced or in the process of being introduced, which provides for an increase in the efficiency of processes and (or) improvement of the quality of products or services, and which is demanded by the market.

We focus on innovations that are relevant to current socio-economic and cultural needs.

We help to bring to the market products, goods and services with new consumer properties or to improve the efficiency of production of a particular product.

We use IT technologies both to innovate and to promote and sell products, goods and services in local and international markets.

Innovation is the basis for modernisation of the enterprise

Modernisation of production is the main task set by managers of enterprises. It is the basis for increasing productivity and competitiveness.

We prepare the necessary justifications for the preparation and implementation of modernisation projects, attracting finance and financial instruments for the implementation of modernisation projects.

We prepare proposals to change the organisational structure of the company, the technological component of the business, to change and update all or certain aspects of production activities.

The main goals of innovation are to improve business performance in order to increase profitability and improve competitiveness.

Information logistics

We develop systems of information support of commodity flows, systems of information support of international wholesale and retail trade.

In order to avoid errors at every stage of cargo turnover, maximum coordination of all links is required. One of the main conditions for harmonised interaction between each link is the introduction of IT technologies. Information logistics allows the supply chain to be quickly managed, monitored and the necessary signals to be transmitted to any point in the chain.

Information exchanged between supply chain participants, having a sender and a receiver, is considered as a flow. Its proper processing allows to reduce transport costs, better monitor the movement of goods, conveniently coordinate the actions of suppliers and consumers, and speed up transport.


We develop commercial online platforms to promote and sell E-Commerce products and services.

We build a showcase of the products we sell, integrate it with payment systems and delivery systems.

We offer efficient management system for commercial online platform, accounting system, warehouse management and other management systems.